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Dr. Beeto LEUNG

Assistant Professor,

School of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Leung's primary research interests lies in promoting subjective well-being. He investigates various factors and interventions that contribute to individuals' overall sense of happiness and fulfillment. By examining the role of positive traits like hope, resilience, and mindfulness, Dr. Leung aims to identify the impact of these traits on mental health and well-being. His research findings provide valuable insights into strategies that can enhance individuals' psychological well-being and contribute to their overall quality of life.


Dr. Leung recognizes the potential of modern technology in promoting physical and mental health. He explores how innovative technological tools can be utilized to facilitate individuals' well-being. This includes the development and implementation of mobile applications, wearable devices, and virtual reality programs that can track and enhance physical and mental health outcomes. By leveraging modern technology, Dr. Leung aims to make health interventions more accessible, personalized, and effective.


Dr. Leung's academic pursuits revolve around understanding and promoting subjective well-being, investigating the link between positive traits and mental health, integrating psychology with sports science, and harnessing modern technology to enhance physical and mental health outcomes. His multidisciplinary approach contributes to the advancement of knowledge in these fields and has the potential to benefit individuals and communities in their pursuit of optimal well-being.


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