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Dr. Katherine YAU

Assistant Professor,

School of Nursing

Dr. Katherine Yau is an Assistant Professor at Tung Wah College in Hong Kong. With over ten years of teaching experience in nursing programs, she is a dedicated educator. Prior to her teaching career, Dr. Yau worked as a Registered Nurse for 17 years, specializing in neurosurgical cardiovascular nursing in public and private hospitals. Dr. Yau holds a Doctor of Health Science degree from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, as well as a Master of Science in Stroke and Clinical Neuroscience from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Her research interests focus on complementary and alternative approaches, particularly forest therapy, for managing cardiac and mental health in adults. Dr. Yau is passionate about finding innovative ways to promote well-being and improve overall health outcomes. Dr. Yau has been recognized for her contributions and received the Early Career Researcher Award from the School of Nursing at Tung Wah College in 2022. She has been involved in various funded research projects, including investigating the benefits of the forest bathing on promoting cardiac and mental health in Chinese middle-aged and older adults.


With her experience, dedication to education, and passion for improving health outcomes, Dr. Katherine Yau is a respected figure in the field of nursing. Her work contributes to the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of cardiac and mental health and well-being.


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