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Vision and Mission


To be a leading regional research centre in digital mental health training, applications , interventions, and practices that will enable the reduction of risk factors and strengthening of protective factors to improve the mental health and well-being of the community.

To promote best practices in digital mental health, empower translational research through evidence-based applications, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration to enhance preventive services across the lifespan and real-world settings.

  • To promote best practices of digital mental health that focus on the prevention and promotion of mental health;

  • To empower translational research by building capacity in the applications and utilization of evidence-based digital mental health that support practices, services, and education; and

  • To serve as a hub for synergizing interprofessional, interdisciplinary, and interinstitutional collaboration to enhance digital mental health preventive services across the lifespan and applicable to real-world settings.



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